BMW Service and Repair in Simi Valley, CA

Different car makes and models all over the world call for different types of maintenance and repair services. It is therefore paramount that an auto owner understands their car well before looking for these services on any repair shop just around the corner. The repair and maintenance services required for an American-made Jeep Wrangler or Ford Mustang can be completely different with those required by your German-made BMW machine.

Your BMW requires special service and repair. Although the maintenance and repair services undertaken on it may be common services that are done on almost all types of autos, when it comes down to spare parts and specific design changes, special expertise is required. And where else can you find this expertise other than at C&M Automotive and Transmissions in Simi Valley, California?

At C&M Automotive and Transmissions, we are your number one all-stop shop for BMW Service and Repair in Simi Valley, California. Having served the Simi Valley community for over 35 years now, our expertise in BMW service comes second to none. We pride ourselves in using the latest tools, equipment, and computer technology to solve our many customer’s vehicle needs. What more, our technicians have an extensive understanding of European-made machines to ensure that they offer the BMW service and repairs right the first time.

Why choose us for your BMW Service and Repair in Simi Valley?

Expertise on European auto service and repairs
Our technicians have a deep understanding of European made automobiles. In fact, we have an outstanding reputation for our ability to offer exceptional servicing for BMW, Lexus and Infiniti cars among more. Plus, all our auto mechanics are ASE certified.

Modern equipment, tools and computer technology
We utilize top of the range diagnostic tools to ensure that we diagnose and repair the problem your BMW is facing right the first time. We also guarantee you original and reliable spare parts at a pocket-friendly price.

We also offer you a guaranteed 24 month/24,000 mile warranty on all BMW service and repair in Simi Valley.

Call our shop today or schedule an appointment with us for the best of auto service in Simi Valley.